Flying Insect Control


Flying insects are more common than we would like them to be. Some are nuisances, others carry disease or bite or sting. They breed rapidly and are often found in public areas damaging your hard earned reputation. Identifying the culprit is the first step in treatment and elimination.

At JB Pest Control, our trained professionals will identify the pest, devise a customized treatment plan and eliminate the pest at hand in a safe and effective manner.

Our Technicians will offer advice and guidance on prevention including attention to proper maintenance, sanitation and harborage at your property.

  • Treatment of flies including phorid, drain, fruit, horse and common house flies.
  • Treatment of flea infestations.
  • Elimination of stinging insects including bees,hornets and wasps.
  • Fly control programs including treatment of drain lines with enzymatic foam and insect growth regulators that eliminate breeding and food source of drain,  phorid and fruit flies
  • Full line of fly vectors and traps.
  • Enzymatic cleaners, de-greasers and cleaning products designed to eliminate harborage and food sources in kitchen tile grout lines .