In recent years Bed Bugs have become the most serious pests to plague the residential, hospitality, and healthcare industries. The widespread negative publicity and high profile of lawsuits associated with these fast breeding and highly elusive creatures, have placed bed bug control as the number one priority for these publicity conscious industries. Few issues can destroy a hotel or nursing home’s reputation as quickly as bed bugs. The key to bed bug control is possessing the experience and know how in identifying, finding and treating what are perhaps the most challenging of pests. JB Pest Control responds to over 100 bed bug calls every week. This experience as well as classroom training which keeps our technicians informed of the latest technological advances, provides us with the experience needed to control and eliminate these nasty pests. In addition to standard treatments, we utilize thermal remediation and Cryonite (freezing) protocols to eliminate bed bugs in those areas that can not be chemically treated or where pesticides have been ineffective. Also, many of our technicians underwent an extensive training program to earn the title of “Board Certified Bed Bug Specialists” by the New York Pest Control Association. We offer bed bug preparation services to prepare units whose tenants will not or cannot comply with the required preparations needed to insure successful treatment programs. We are well aware of the  reporting requirements that our clients are required to have available in order to comply with State and Local Laws and to protect themselves against legal actions. We have an excellent support system whereby clients are kept up to date of the findings and progress of treatments on a daily basis as well as complete service histories.

The key to treating bed bugs is finding and positively identifying them, followed by isolation and treatment. When dealing with multi family properties, hotels and healthcare facilities, the challenge is in doing so without upsetting the schedules and routines of the residents and staff and without causing undo alarm at the prospect of having a bed bug infestation. In addition , periodic inspections will allow you to determine not only where bed bugs are, but where they are not, allowing you to target problem areas before they spread to unaffected areas. With this in mind,  JB Pest Control has been utilizing highly trained k9 inspection teams to quickly and accurately locate bed bugs in the most difficult of locations. Trained along the same lines as drug and bomb sniffing dogs, our k9 teams are able to find even individual bed bugs well hidden in cracks and crevices. While not 100% accurate they have demonstrated over 90% accuracy in positive alerts in field tests. A k9 team can inspect a typical apartment in less than two minutes with a remarkable level of accuracy that surpasses human inspections. Once alerted to by our k9 inspector, a pest control service provider will verify and document the findings in preparation for treatment.


Before any chemical treatment can be effective, it is imperative that the treatment area be properly prepared. These preparations include stripping and laundering (in hot water and a hot dryer) all bedding, curtains, infested clothing. Drawers and closets need to be cleaned out and their contents inspected and cleaned if necessary. Mattresses and box springs may need encasing or replacement. There are a number of pesticides that are labeled for bed bug treatments in New York State and New Jersey. These insecticides include aerosols, dusts and liquid insecticides that are applied where bed bugs live and breed. Some are quick killing designed to kill on contact while others leave long term residual protection but do not immediately kill. Dusts, when properly placed, will act as a barrier to prevent bed bugs from moving in between walls, voids and conduits and act to contain and kill them where they are currently harboring. These chemical means are used often in conjunction with steam machines designed to flush out and kill bed bugs in their various life stages in cracks crevices and in bedding. Hepa vacs are also used to pick up live adults and eggs . While these “tools” are often effective they very often require numerous treatments to eradicate the bed bug infestation. In most cases the failure to eradicate the infestation is due to not properly preparing the area to be treated or taking short cuts in the preparations. These required preparations are not designed to inconvenience but to simply allow the technician access to all potential harborage points. A single female left alive can lay five eggs a day. Success depends on cooperation of the tenant/management and the experience and skill of the technician.

One of the most effective treatments available in the war on bed bugs is thermal “heat” remediation. Bed bugs, in all of their life stages can not survive for more that a few minutes at temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. JB Pest Control has been using with great success customized heating units that bring the temperature in a structure, room , or apartment up to 150+ degrees Fahrenheit whereby all bed bugs including those living in mattresses and furniture, closets and drawers are killed in a chemical free manner. Strategically placed temperature gauges are placed throughout ensuring the even distribution of heat into cracks, crevices, drawers and closets. The advantages of this treatment method are that that the tenant or resident has less to prepare in advance of our service and the heat penetrates areas where chemicals may not reach. The clean, dry heat is 100 percent effective in killing all bed bugs exposed to it. Generally,  Mattresses and furniture including upholstered furniture will be bed bug free and will not require disposal . This chemical(pesticide )free treatment option should be considered for individuals who for health reasons can not tolerate chemical applications, can not physically prepare their apartments for chemical treatments or simply want environmentally friendly treatment options. The room/apartment is also available for use immediately following service with no waiting time. Furniture and bedding need not be discarded. The negative is that it is more costly than conventional treatments and that bed bugs can survive in “cool spots” that may not be heated.

Cryonite is a unique and safe pest control technology that uses a patented nozzle which emits a carbon dioxide snow to literally freeze bed bugs to death. It is effective in eliminating bedbugs and other pests and can kill at all life stages of insects. Cryonite is non-toxic thereby allowing direct application to foodstuffs, machinery and offices and equipment. It preserves a completely pesticide-free environment making it safe for workers and building occupants while maintaining an insect-free environment. There is no waiting before re-entering the treated area and can be applied with humans and pets in the room.

While it is impossible to guaranty that all bed bugs have been eliminated or that they will not be re-introduced after service, Cryonite offers a proven proactive non-toxic treatment that can be used as often as needed to effectively kill all stages of bed bugs that it comes in contact with. It is particularly effective in killing bed bugs that are found on the surfaces of chairs, desks , carpets, walls and sitting areas.

One very effective dual method of treatment whereby a heat remediation chamber is set up on site in order that mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture and clothing (as well as other difficult to treat items) are wrapped in plastic and heat treated in the heat chamber while the infested room is treated with insecticides. This is an extremely cost effective method highly suitable for nursing and adult homes. This allows for the on site treatment of resident possessions and room contents .  Clothing does not require outside dry cleaning. Personal affects can be treated without the use of chemicals.

Increased concern of the effects of pesticides on the environment and on people and pets have made all natural – pesticide free treatments the choice of many. While experience has shown that these treatments may not be as effective as pesticides, their use is none the less on the rise. JB Pest Control has a number of all natural pesticide free chemicals that have shown promise in combating bed bugs in many situations. While their residual efficacy is more limited than standard pesticides, they are highly effective in killing all stages of bed bugs on contact. They are especially useful when dealing with customers who have sensitivities and health issues that may be affected by pesticides.


Many locations are opting for proactive programs that combine regularly scheduled inspections ( k9 and human) Cryonite and steam treatments to lobbies and common areas that often harbor bed bugs and other options that are designed to detect and kill bed bugs and their eggs before they are noticed by clients and staff. Annual or bi-annual staff training seminars are provided as well in order to mobilize your staff into a “first line of defense” in the bed bug war. While the results can not be guaranteed, every bed bug detected and  killed before it begins to breed and travel can greatly reduce the chances of a large infestation. These programs also demonstrate to your clients that you are doing all that you can to protect them ( as well as your reputation) from these elusive pests.


The key to a successful bed bug treatment lies in the preparation. Often tenants can not properly prepare or refuse to participate in the preparation process. This may result in poor treatment outcomes requiring additional/ongoing treatments. Our trained staff can prepare a unit prior to service. Clothing, shoes, books and small items are sealed in heavy duty trash can liners and a Nuvan vapor strip is sealed within. Nuvan vapor strips emit an odorless vapor that will kill all stages of bed bugs within the bag over three to four day period. Clutter and severely infested items are discarded with tenants permission. Furniture is turned and positioned to better allow access to technicians and their equipment.


Aprehend is a new and unique Biopesticide that must be applied by a Licensed Pest Control Applicator using a custom application system. Aprehend is composed of Beauveria bassiana fungal spores, a natural enemy of bedbugs, that is applied strategically where bedbugs will come in contact with it. This Biopesticide will kill all stages of bedbugs that come in contact within days. Aprehend leaves a long term residual barrier in place as well.

While there are a number of treatment options available, no single method is suitable for every situation. Some infestations require a combination of treatment and inspection options while others require a custom tailored approach to fit the specific needs of your facility/property. Whatever the challenge, JB Pest Control is up to meeting it.