Bed bugs

In recent years Bed Bugs have become the most serious pests to plague the residential, hospitality, and healthcare industries. The widespread negative publicity and high profile of lawsuits associated with these fast breeding and highly elusive creatures, have placed bed bug control as the number one priority for these publicity conscious industries. Few issues can destroy a hotel or nursing home’s reputation as quickly as bed bugs. The key to bed bug control is possessing the experience and know how of identifying, finding and treating what are perhaps the most challenging of pests. JB Pest Control responds to over 100 bed bug calls every week. This experience as well as classroom training which keeps our technicians informed of the latest technological advances, provides us with the experience needed to control and eliminate these nasty pests. We are one of the first companies in the United States to make use of highly trained dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs wherever they may hide. In addition to standard treatments, we have regularly useĀ  thermal remediation to eliminate bed bugs in those areas that can not be chemically treated or where pesticides have been ineffective, as well as Cryonite (freezing) treatments. Many of our technicians underwent an extensive training program to earn the title of “Board Certified Bed Bug Specialists” by the New York Pest Control Association. In addition to all phases of treatment and control, we offer bed bug preparation services for those who can not or will not comply with the required preparations needed to insure a successful treatment .